The Meaning Behind "Amsterdam" by Nothing But Thieves

The Meaning Behind “Amsterdam” by Nothing But Thieves

“Amsterdam” by Nothing But Thieves Lyric Analysis

The song starts off with the opening lines, “People don’t know much, need a whiskey crush, to think of something new.” These lyrics suggest that people are stuck in a rut and need a substance like alcohol to stimulate their creativity and inspire them to try something different.

The second verse describes the feeling of being disconnected from others even when surrounded by people: “Walking through a crowd, then you look around, see there’s no one left.” This line emphasizes the singer’s sense of loneliness and isolation.

The chorus of the song is repeated multiple times throughout the track, and it includes the line, “So I hit my head up against the wall, over and over and over and over again, and again, ’cause I don’t wanna be like them.” The metaphor of hitting one’s head against a wall suggests that the singer is trying to break free from the cycle of conformity and find a way to be true to themselves. The repetition of the phrase “over and over again” emphasizes the singer’s sense of frustration and determination to find a way out.

The bridge of the song introduces a new element, with the line “I left my heart in Amsterdam.” This lyric suggests that the singer is reminiscing about a past experience in a particular location that was significant to them. The repetition of this line underscores the importance of the memory and the sense of longing that it inspires.

The final verse of the song includes the line “I really need that feeling back,” which suggests that the singer is searching for a sense of connection and inspiration that they once experienced but have since lost. The repetition of the line “I left my heart in Amsterdam” further emphasizes this sense of nostalgia and longing.

Amsterdam by Nothing But Thieves is a song about feeling disconnected from others and longing for a sense of purpose and inspiration. The repetition of the chorus emphasizes the sense of frustration and determination to break free from conformity, while the bridge and final verse suggest a yearning for a connection to something meaningful from the past.

Conor Mason discusses the meaning behind “Amsterdam”

The Meaning Behind "Amsterdam" by Nothing But Thieves

Conor Mason, the lead vocalist of Nothing But Thieves, has discussed the meaning behind “Amsterdam” in several interviews. In one interview with NME, he stated that the song is about “a feeling of displacement and searching for something you can’t quite put your finger on.” He also described the song as “a love letter to the city,” but added that it’s also “a love letter to the feeling that you get when you’re there.”

Mason has also mentioned in interviews that the song was inspired by his own experiences in Amsterdam, where he felt both drawn to and disconnected from the city. He has spoken about how the feeling of being lost in a foreign city can be overwhelming, but can also be a source of inspiration and creativity.

In an interview with Billboard, Mason stated that “Amsterdam” is about “trying to find a sense of purpose and belonging in a place that you might not necessarily be able to.” He added that the song is also about “the idea of being lost and trying to find your way back home, whether that’s a physical place or a mental or emotional state.”

It seems that “Amsterdam” is a song about feeling lost and searching for something, whether it’s a sense of purpose, belonging, or inspiration. It is also a love letter to the city of Amsterdam and the complex emotions that it can evoke.

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