Eulogy by grandson Lyrics Meaning

Do I Exist If I Don’t Exist On The Internet?: The Meaning Behind “Eulogy” by Grandson

Grandson, an artist known for his thought-provoking and socially conscious music, delivers a powerful message in his song “Eulogy.” With lyrics that delve into themes of identity, societal pressures, and the struggle for authenticity, this track offers a stark and unfiltered commentary on the state of modern society, particularly in the age of the internet and social media. In this article, we’ll dissect the lyrics of “Eulogy” to uncover the song’s profound meaning and the poignant messages it conveys.

The Struggle for Online Existence

The song begins with a poignant question: “Do I exist if I don’t exist on the internet?” This question sets the tone for the rest of the track, highlighting the contemporary dilemma many individuals face in a digital age. The internet has become a significant part of our lives, and our online presence often dictates our sense of self-worth and existence. Grandson’s question is a reflection of the identity crisis many experience in this era of constant connectivity.

The Weight of the Inevitable

Grandson goes on to express the existential anxiety that plagues many in today’s world. He ponders, “How can I relax? The end is imminent.” The constant bombardment of information and the awareness of our own mortality create a sense of urgency and restlessness. The notion that “the end is imminent” is a reminder of our mortality, and it serves as a driving force behind the song’s sense of urgency and despair.

Innocence Lost

The line, “12 shots fired on a man that’s innocent,” speaks to the broader issue of social injustice and violence. Grandson sheds light on the tragic reality of innocent lives being taken due to unjust circumstances. This theme is a recurrent motif in his music, and it adds depth to the song, emphasizing the dark underbelly of society.

A Disillusioned Youth

“Growing up ain’t like how I pictured it” serves as a reflection on the disillusionment that often accompanies adulthood. The idealized visions of youth can be shattered by the realities of life, leading to a sense of disappointment and confusion. Grandson’s lyrics capture the essence of youthful dreams lost in the face of harsh realities.

The Guinea Pig Generation

Grandson coins the term “guinea pig generation,” highlighting the idea that the current generation is an experimental subject for the ever-evolving world of social media. The constant changes in technology and media consumption patterns have left this generation in a state of uncertainty and adaptation, which can be overwhelming.

The Dehumanizing Effect of Social Media

“Stimulation, I can’t even hold conversation” is a stark observation about the impact of excessive screen time and digital distraction on human interaction. The constant stimuli from social media can hinder our ability to engage in meaningful, face-to-face conversations. This line underscores the importance of genuine human connections and the detrimental effects of technology on our social skills.

Battling Mental Health Issues

Grandson addresses the challenges of mental health in the lines, “We got ADHD and anxiety. If you get too high, come hang glide with me.” He acknowledges the prevalence of mental health issues in society and offers a metaphorical escape from the struggles. “Hang glide” becomes a symbol of freedom from anxiety and an invitation to rise above the challenges.

A Grim View of the World

Grandson’s outlook on the world is grim, as he sings, “Every day, the headline seems worse, we’re going down. I just hope that we land feet first.” The constant barrage of negative news and the perceived decline of society leave him with a glimmer of hope – that humanity might survive and learn from its mistakes.

The Arrival of Winter

“I can feel winter setting in after the fall” captures the sense of foreboding and impending darkness. The changing seasons mirror the cyclical nature of life and the inevitable passage of time. Winter represents a period of bleakness and hibernation, reflecting the introspective and melancholic mood of the song.

The Eulogy

The central theme of “Eulogy” is reflected in its title. The song serves as a eulogy for the collective experience of a generation. It encapsulates the feelings of disillusionment, despair, and existential questioning faced by many. The song is both a lament for the present and a reflection on the uncertain future.

A Message of Resilience

Amidst the darkness, there is an undercurrent of resilience. The lines, “If you want it all, why you halfway in?” call for a commitment to one’s goals and beliefs. Grandson challenges his listeners to fully engage with life rather than existing in a state of half-hearted participation.

Finding Hope in Music

“I contemplated suicide in that Days Inn. I can’t promise I won’t think it again,” reveals the artist’s personal struggles and how music has been a lifeline. Grandson acknowledges the depths of his despair but also recognizes that music provides a way to cope with these feelings. It’s a testament to the power of art as a source of catharsis and healing.

The Lion’s Den

“Made it to the lion’s den and found out, it’s all snakes” is a reflection of the artist’s journey through the music industry. Grandson navigates a treacherous path in his career, encountering deceit and insincerity. This line is a commentary on the harsh realities faced by many aspiring artists.

The Quest for Authenticity

The song’s chorus returns with the proclamation that this is the eulogy. It serves as both a farewell to the past and a declaration of authenticity. The song underscores the importance of being true to oneself and pursuing one’s beliefs despite the challenges.

A Call to Sing Along

The final lines invite the listener to sing along to the eulogy. Grandson offers a shared experience, emphasizing that despite the bleakness, we are not alone. Music provides a platform for collective catharsis and expression.


“Eulogy” by Grandson is a powerful and introspective song that addresses the challenges and anxieties faced by individuals in a digital age. It’s a lament for the loss of innocence, a reflection on the disillusionment of adulthood, and a call for authenticity in a world filled with artifice. The song acknowledges the prevalence of mental health issues, the impact of social media, and the ever-worsening headlines, all while offering a message of resilience and hope through music. Grandson’s “Eulogy” invites listeners to confront the darkness of the world, while also finding solace and solidarity in shared experiences and the power of music.

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